About This Journal

Building 45 is dedicated to showcasing the work of current and former Chemeketa Community College students. Students do not need to be currently enrolled in a creative writing, art, or visual communications class to submit.


You can find our Submission Guidelines here.


ISSUE FIVE | 03/18/2011


It's almost spring in Oregon, which means you need to watch out for large, rectangular raindrops. Those things are not kidding around.

ISSUE FOUR | 06/11/2010


Pictured above: "When Moons Attack" & "Do Not Be Surprised That You Can Do A Headstand In Two and a Half Feet of Water"

ISSUE THREE | 06/11/2009


Behold those who cared enough to enter a contest in which everyone is a winner! After an appropriate period of beholding, you may also want to check out some art and poetry.

ISSUE TWO | 03/23/2009


Ingredients: poems, stories, art, and a sampling of work inspired by Clem Starck. Plus, a contest open to one and all!

ISSUE ONE | 06/06/2008


The inaugural issue of Building 45. There is a short story. There are some poems. There is a poem masquerading as a work of non-fiction. There is a short film. There may or may not be one other thing.