ISSUE THREE | 06/11/2009



The magic of verse brings you reflections, portraits, perfume, Tolstoy, motorcycles, and more!
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If Lincoln had surfed, you might have been able to detect a theme in this issue's art selections.
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Who Cares?

Workshops of the Future

Didn't care enough to enter the contest? Maybe you'll care enough to read the submissions from the people who did!
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The not-so-tentative-yet-not-so-set-in-stone-that-we-can't-help-but-include-the-word-"tentative" 2009-2010 Chemeketa Writes workshop line-up.
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Faculty Advisors

  • Angelina Tuttle
  • Sherri Souders
  • Frederick Dolgin
  • And many others...

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Tammy Jabin, Jeremy Trabue, Jan VanStavern, Magdalen Powers, and Jennifer Stockdale.

Managing Editor: Justus Ballard.



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