Sky Kennedy

Nikki Lynn

Sky Kennedy was born in Hohenwald, TN, but raised in Seattle, WA. He discovered his love of writing poetry at the age of about 13 and has been writing ever since. Now 28 years old he has begun to take courses in poetry for the first time in his life. He attended Chemeketa CC online while a patient at the Oregon State Hospital, and draws inspiration from his experiences there but also from his life experience in general. Sky currently lives in Gresham, OR, and intends to enroll in the Mental Health and Human Services program offered at Mt. Hood CC with the distant goal of possibly becoming a Music Therapist. His hobbies include bicycling, Texas Hold'em poker, writing songs and poetry, guitar, and hiking.

Nikki Lynn was born at the Indian hospital in Talihina, Oklahoma and a proud member of the Muskogee Creek Nation.She has been an avid reader and writer for 38 years. Nikki has made the Willamette Valley her home since 1968. She is a 46 year old single grandmother raising her grandson and his dog Sally Jones. She is working toward her AAOT at OSU for Liberal Studies with a Writing minor. Nikki hopes to author children’s literature, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Meanwhile, she is working toward freelancing while she edits copy.

Philip DeFord

Kelsey Johnson

Philip Anthony DeFord, Master Artisan Storycrafter, was born in the sweltering desert heat of Utah when he was barely 9 months conceived.  The fact that both of his parents were ninja assassins meant he spent quite a bit of time moving around the western half of the US as a child, but eventually his family was able to settle comfortably in Salem.  He currently lives at home with two brothers and a sister, all of whom take part in the fierce musical struggle against the alien brain-waves that will eventually enslave humanity, a pair of secret agent dogs with communicator-collars, and a cat that speaks Portuguese. After bouncing around a few ideas for careers, Philip finally came to the conclusion that writing was probably the only one that could provide an outlet for his boundless hyperactivity, and the products of his frenetic activity can be seen scattered throughout the strange and distant land known as "The Internet."


Kelsey Johnson graduated from South Salem High School in 2010. Kelsey is at CCC to take prerequisites needed to become a Physician Assistant, later transferring to OHSU.



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