Villanelle: And Life...

Sky Kennedy

…and life is a bike without the training wheels,
eventually you learn to keep your balance.
Only once you’ve lived it, do you know how it feels.

And time is strange, strange how it heals.
Mistakes turn into lessons, but that’s a talent;
like riding this bike without the training wheels.

And it’s funny how if we lose track, time steals.
When having fun they say it flies,
only once you live it, do you know how it feels.

We make small things into big deals
Procrastinate until due dates
Life is like a bike without training wheels.

And every one dreams, life: like film on a camera reel-
Racing by, filling the memory with a glance.
Once you live it, you know how it feels.

And something else is pushing,
pulling me towards an un-glimpsed future.
But life is a bike with no training wheels;
only once you’ve ridden it, do you truly know how it feels.

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