This is Me in a Nutshell

Six Word Memoirs and one that is not

The Writers of WR 240, Spring 2008*

I’m a little Mermaid without fins.
Pee in the pool of life.
Life was perfect till I awoke.
God damn ambiguous fortune cookie crap.
(Music equals life. Live to create.)
Never again will someone mistreat me.
Coffee, cigarettes, cocktails and cock talk.
Blind date. Perfect strangers. Soul mates.
I’m slightly damaged and mostly used.
Proving them wrong every single day.
It’s not what you’d call tasteful.
Diabetic, sad, lost mom, losing dad.
Loved laughter, bitter sweet, died crying.
Happy. Confused. Lost. Alone. Still smiling.
So, that happened.


*Lindsey Mendenhall, Erin Pfefferkuch, Crystal Ellis, Brian Umeda, David Reynosa, Kathryn Martini, Rebecca Pickerd, Bailey Talbot, Corey Carter, Tyler Christensen, Steven Duane Crandall, Duty Lee, Ronnie Racine, Tina Flores, & Jamie Lyons.

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