Deahna Fumarol

Meredith Anderson


Deahna Fumarol dually attends Oregon State University and Chemeketa, and will graduate in Spring 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (emphasis painting) and minors in English and writing.

After three years of completing prerequisites for a nursing degree, and contemplating life as an English major at Clackamas and Chemeketa Community College, Meredith has made a transition and perhaps a final decision. She is planted at Oregon State University, and is slowly earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science-Enology and Viticulture option, with Writing and Chemistry minors. In her contrived spare time, Meredith relishes ballroom and contra dance, gardening and any other excuse to be outdoors, knitting, writing, reading, concocting obscure edibles in the kitchen, rousing and satisfying curiosity, and playing the piano.

Kristen Storer


Kristen Storer is a mother of two teenagers who recently returned to school. She is currently completing a Transfer degree to OSU. Kristen would like to work in the field of special education when finished with her education. Her son, who has autism and ADHD, has enabled her to meet many great kids and many more that need help. She is an avid reader, with a recent interest in poetry. Kristen took Jan VanStaven's poetry class twice to open herself to more creativity in her reading and writing. She has enjoyed the therapeutic benefits writing provides, and cannot recommend it enough. She has really enjoyed going back to school.

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