Who Cares?: A "Contest"!

Submit your entry to the contest here!

Despite the fact that you can search the entirety of the Chemeketa Community College public website without ever stumbling upon a comprehensive list of the college's core values, those values do indeed exist and are articulated in randomly-generated images on many of the college website's pages. (If you don't have the time to find one of those pages and hit the refresh button on your browser until you've seen all six values, they are presented below for your convenience.) This year, the college is focused on exploring the concept of caring. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Ever eager to jump on whatever bandwagon is closest, we here at Building 45 are running a contest related to the 2008-09 Focus on Caring Initiative™. I'm not entirely sure why we're calling it a "contest," since "contest" usually implies that someone somewhere will win something.

If the prospect of winning absolutely nothing appeals to you, here's what you need to do:

1. In fewer than 100 words, respond to the question "who cares?"

2. Visit the Who Cares Contest submission page to submit your entry.

3. Check your email during Week 6 of spring term to see if your entry has been selected for publication.

The deadline for submitting to the contest is Sunday, May 3. You may submit up to three entries. We'll select the most creative entries for publication in a special "Who Cares?" section of our spring issue.

Caringly yours,

Justus Ballard, Managing Editor, Building 45


Chemeketa's Core Values