"I'm a Big Girl Now"

Shannon Bright

As I peer into her delicate yet disastrous pink room,
I watch her tumble the dresser drawer onto her messy floor.
My nose detects a light burst of powder fresh laundry perfume,
As she searches for her favorite blue jeans, that she adores.
She throws out pair after pair, re-decorating her room blue.
Until she finds her worn-in, flower, button snap denim jeans.
Excitement fills her chubby cheeks as her eyes widen anew.
She’s a particular little thing; I can’t wait till her teens!
She tears off her fleece pajamas in a struggle to survive,
Plops on the shag carpet, her legs lined up over her pants.
Face scrunched in concentration, her legs enter with a forced drive.
She yanks them up & buttons them. It only took her one chance!
She places her hands on her hips in a proud superman pose.
“Mom I‘m a big girl now,” she shouts! I sadly reply, “I know.”

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