Shannon Bright

The nightmare I’m about to spew,
Is brilling volker through and through.
Pligg grubbards? Not at all, tis true!
KayKoZar merks town waterloo.

On a bleek night, much like tonight,
When the tanglewood roared ruglee,
Whipperwill whispers over plight.
All living tollos hide sluzlee.

KayKoZar hunted frare and bore,
Katternack after katternack.
In light or dark o’eerk luxor.
All victims jeer as bandersnacks.

Their heads faubbed and lined in a row,
Like reenard trophies grobe, graffled.
Stragg seeping aroma curls toes,
Nothing survived its clench, they all gulled.

Tis a decade since the last feast,
Where KayKoZar merks no one knows.
But don’t jibjab the zane death beast,
Tis not gone, just laying low.

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