A Thousand Fingers

Rodale Wenger

"...In medias res."


"In medias res. In the middle. It's Latin."

"Oh. I don't speak Latin."

"Você fala português! It's a Latin language!"

"Não. A few phrases. I just use it to pick up Brazilian girls--I also know some Russian, a couple sweet words in Italian."

"Ha-ha. And French, too?"

"Nah. French girls don't do it for me. Brazilians are much nicer."

"You are funny. Thank you. I think. Hold this... Okay, it's messy. I didn't know I would have a guest, so... don't judge."

"So, what were you saying? About the book..."

"Um... I don't know. I don't remember--"

"Wow! This is messy? Jesus. You should see my place--no, you shouldn't. How do you wear those things?"

"Heels? I don't know. After some drinks, you don't feel. Haha! You have to take yours off too."

"Ah. White carpet. Right. White everything. Man, if I lived here the stress would kill me. Plus I would have to worry about wearing matching socks."

"In Hawaii, this is... I don't know the word... Tradition? Custom. This is right? Custom?"

"Um. Both. You can use both. You lived in Hawaii?"

"Lived? No. I was there to work. I was photographing the Lava."

"Sounds like a tough job. Want to trade?"

"Ah. No. But it is boring sometimes."

"This place is amazing. Lava pictures must be pretty hot."


"Nothing. Stupid joke. I make a lot of 'em."

"Ha! I noticed. But, no. This is not my house. I am borrowing."

"Wanna trade friends?"

"Come here. Look."

"Aw, man. Wow. It's so clear tonight."

"It is cold."

"C'mere. I'm warm."

"Yes. You are."

"You're soft."

"I'm fat."

"Yeah, right. You're joking, right?"

"Okay, not fat. But... American food. I need to--Mmm! Hmmmmm... You taste good."

"I try. You have pretty nails."

"You like?"

"Yes. Oooow! Claws! ...Gato."



"Gata. Gato is boy-cat."


"Sim. Let's go inside?"

"Lead me... Hey. What is this?"

"I took this."

"This is a photo?"

"Yes. You have never seen?"

"No. What is it?"

"This is stars."


"Haha! Yes!"

"How is that stars?"

"It is a technique. Do you know how does a camera work?"


"No. You see my eyes?"

"Uhuh. You have pretty eyes, gata. They're like chocolate."

"Thank you. I think. But you are not paying attention. Close your eyes."


"Now open them... What do you see?"

"I don't know. It's too fast. A thousand fingers."

"Ok. Close them... What do you see?"

"A thousand fingers."

"Ok. Now open really fast and close... What do you see?"

"Your hand."

"That is a camera. A normal picture. This picture is... a thousand fingers. See?"


"Ah. I am not good at explaining these things. But this is stars, ok?"


"Do you know what is a shutter?"


"Do you know how it works?"


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