Hilary Hockema

Nikki Lynn

Hilary Hockema, born and raised on the Oregon Coast, has always had a heart full of art. She has pursued her talents in dance, glass art and writing throughout her 32 years of life. She is the mother of three incredible and inspiring children ages 13, 11, and 6. In 2009 Hilary enrolled in college to obtain an Associate of Arts degree and is currently well on her way to doing so.

Nikki Lynn was born at the Indian hospital in Talihina, Oklahoma and a proud member of the Muskogee Creek Nation.She has been an avid reader and writer for 38 years. Nikki has made the Willamette Valley her home since 1968. She is a 46 year old single grandmother raising her grandson and his dog Sally Jones. She is working toward her AAOT at OSU for Liberal Studies with a Writing minor. Nikki hopes to author children’s literature, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Meanwhile, she is working toward freelancing while she edits copy.

Joshua Frank

Rodale Wenger

Joshua Frank is a recent Chemeketa graduate who is attending OSU in the fall of 2010. He is a full time single father who is attending school in order to become a Brew Master, majoring in both Fermentation Science as well as Microbiology. His hobbies include brewing, reading, writing and playing music, and exploring both wilderness and city parks with his 7 year old son.

Rodale Wenger is a young writer living in Salem, Oregon.  His writing draws from his experiences of living on the West Coast, and in Hawaii.  He is interested in art and traveling abroad.  His wanderlust may be attributed to Gypsy/Viking blood.  Nobody knows. 

Shannon Bright

Rick Tucker

My name is Shannon Marie Bright, soon to be Shannon Marie Noyes. I'm currently attending O.C.C.C online pursuing my Associates of Arts degree. I have a fun, upfront, "tell it like it is" personality and believe that honesty is the best policy in any relationship. I'm a very driven 25 year old woman with high goals, integrity & morals. I know what I want & I am not afraid to go after it. I am a very family orientated woman, which is why I believe that at the end of the day family is all that matters. I live in Albany Oregon with my better half and our beautiful 3 year old daughter Ryley Rose Marie. I enjoy scrapbooking, photography and collecting M&M's merchandise. My life experiences, memories and nature are what inspire me to write. Poetry and music have always been my "outlet" or release whenever life got overwhelming. I am more concerned with my character than my reputation, because my character is who I really am, while my reputation is merely who others think I am. I believe that the choices we make today determine who we are tomorrow & subsequently are the blueprints for our future. Good luck to all the poets and future poets out there. Find your inspiration and let the words flow, from the depths of your mind and the belly of your soul!

Rick Tucker is a knowledge hound, a word and film lover, and a former dictionary
reader who drives a 9 year-old Subaru Forester and spends every weekend
refurbishing his 1926 Craftsman home. He lives in NE Portland with his wife and 10
month-old daugther. He hopes to get a dog one day to make his life complete.


Garrison Schmidt

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