Chemeketa Writes Workshops 2009-2010

Bringing great writers to campus for community and student visits. Featuring a free lunchtime reading Fridays and an inexpensive four-hour workshop Saturdays (all that, plus free lunch!).

November 6-7: Fiction Workshop
"Fiction and Humor in a Funny World"

Mark Acito, novelist and humor writer

Acito’s wry humor and deadpan delivery have earned him fans and, apparently, also paid for college; his novel How I Paid For College (A Story of Sex, Theft, Friendship, and Musical Theater) (info via Powell's) is being filmed as a movie this year.

Why we love him: He wrote a syndicated column that earned him the strange nickname, “The gay Dave Barry,” and when the real Dave Barry met him, Barry said, “Let’s get this straight. I’m the gay Dave Barry.” See Marc’s website for way more.


February 5-6: Poetry Workshop
"Finding Poetry in Place"

Charles Goodrich, gardener and poet

Insects of South Corvallis (click here for selections) author Goodrich finds poetry in the world outside his house, and has worked both as a poet and a master gardener nurturing the land and the language that can house it.

Why we love him: Charles continues our tradition of bringing some of the kindest and most generous teachers in Oregon to campus—and he loves Chinese poetry and raises bamboo, both of which are seriously cool. Visit Charles's website for more information.


April 30-May 1: Non-fiction Workshop
"Writing the Memoir, with Interrupting Kids"

Paul Collins, non-fiction writer

Not Even Wrong (info via Powell's) author Collins brings a fascinated father’s observations to the adventure of parenting an autistic son. Writing frequently for Salon, McSweeney’s, and other national magazines, Collins teaches at Portland State University and recently won a Guggenheim award, which will give him time to write more.

Why we love him: a master of mixing extreme research with eccentric details in his work, Paul recently went undercover with a group of rogue spellers for a magazine article: he’s a spelling spy! Check out Paul's blog for more.



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