Who Cares?

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Who Cares?

No one cares and that is the problem. We are a society that needs to care more about our neighbors, classmates, and strangers. In order for society to function at its maximum, people need to start extending their hands and reach out to others. Say “hello” to that stranger, smile at people when you pass in the hallways, and ask people “can I help” when you see them having problems. It sounds great and in a perfect world people would care, but the reality is that people probably won’t even care enough to read this short essay.

Dallas, Student


Who Cares?

you care, because you posted this caring contest up.

i don't care because maybe you won't publish this caring letter to the editor.

Andrea Jacobo, Student


Who Cares?

When things go wrong,
Have a laugh,
Or, you
Escape, but sometime, you just have to

Robert Ruark, Student


Who Cares?

No offices.
No office hours.
When calling in sick, be sure to contact a live person.
Hello, am I speaking to a live person?
What? You do not start until 8:30?
My class begins at 9:00 AM and I drive over a half hour.
Will you be alive while I drive if I call on I-5?
I sure hope so.
(Should I use my cell on the freeway? It will be 8:30 AM by then.)
I am calling again.
The Freightliner semi truck, oblivious of firm and strict working rules impaired my call.
Somehow the 100 words do not seem sufficent to express how much I

Roger Sauer, Faculty


Who Cares?

I care about the student who can’t buy books for class, because of the choices they have to make between groceries or books.

I care about the student who can’t pay rent.

I care about the student who works two jobs and attends college fulltime.

I care about the students who need childcare for their children, so they can attend classes.

I care about making sure the correct information is given to students when they ask questions.

I care about making sure I face students and staff with an attitude of graciousness, and professionalism.

I care about serving the campus community to the best of my abilities.

I care about making a difference.

Linda Ringo-Reyna, Employee


Who Cares?

Only fools look the other way, the wise care.

Emily, Student


Who Cares?

Too few, not enough, not about what’s really important.
Some care about the wrong things, some care about the right things.
Some care for the wrong reasons.
Some care because it’s cool or to fit in.
Some don’t care at all.
Some care because it benefits everyone.
Some care because it benefits them.
Some don’t care; because it benefits them.
Some convince others to care, for the good of their cause; be it the country, the planet or their own concealed agenda.
It’s not who cares that’s important, but why.

Jered Kenna, Student


Who Cares?

What a question. Usually in response to something one person thinks is important but the other does not, "who cares" in this context seems to be a challenge to those of us who do. Caring doesn't take much but it can take all you have. Holding open a door for someone tells a lot about you but whether or not the person you held the door open for says "thank you " says a lot about them. Caring can be as miniscule as that situation but could change someone's day. We would all be better off if we all cared.

Nate Cimino, Student


Who Cares?

Aristotle believed happiness depends upon ourselves. He believed every facet of nature had intrinsic value. If Jared Smith believed the latter two beliefs, who would quote him in the beginning lines of a paper? Being remembered in the annals of history means being remembered for something of value. Maybe happiness dictates how we feel or how we value ourselves. People value Aristotle. He is dead. So respectively, Jared Smith values death. To value non-existence, one must value existence, so Jared Smith values life. He lives every day. He lives happily because living holds value to him. But who cares?

Jared Smith, Student


Who Cares?

...The answer, here at Chemeketa, is we all do.

Each day students show up for their classes ready to learn, prepared, curious, and enthusiastic. Each day teachers arrive with arms full of resources and heads full of ideas to communicate. Each day support staff appear in buildings, classrooms, labs, offices, libraries, and kitchens to ensure that at Chemeketa things get done.

So, who cares? For Chemeketa to succeed, we all must.

Estelle Leong, Employee


Who Cares?

That is the question, who cares about the planet we live on? Who cares about the bright stars in the sky? Who cares about the blue sky during the day? Who cares about the cold water that we drink or the hot food that we eat? I care, but the real question should be do you care?

Michael Woodall-Halsey, Student


Who Cares?

The word “care” is a barren verb; it can be fathomed with actions, but it cannot be described with words. “Care” would be better suited among the words “Connected” and “Transcend.” It would be complete as an equation: C = C + T. When humans care, they defy the limits of their nature; they connect with someone else, which creates something greater; they transcend their own reality. That would be the real out of body experience.

Frederick Dolgin, Student


Who Cares?


Who cares
if she stole
toilet paper
from the ladies’ room;
corn from the pantry;
an assisted living book,
The Red Hat Ladies,
she hid beneath
her underwear
in her dresser drawer?
In Iran, she’d
have no hands--

each finger chopped off
on the chopping block.

In America,
her husband left her
for his pregnant girl-
friend, his old wife
in hospital recovering
from a hysterectomy.

As a seasoned woman
she’d taken to saying
He gave me four
beautiful children.

Yet she stole
the craziest things,
this gentle soul,
my mother and
her tender hands.

Margaret Gish Miller, Unaffiliated Wellwisher


Who Cares?

Who cares about the Building 45 Journal if Justus is editor??

Nicole Taylor, Unaffiliated Wellwisher


Who Cares?

Parents care about children except for careless parents and people in comas, who cannot be spoken for. Dog owners care for dogs except for careless dog owners (and see comas). Students care for learning and or grades. Parents who care for students care about grades and/or students. Houses care for nails or they will be timber. People care for food and houses, except if in comas. People care for money so they can care for their children, nails, dogs, and/or food.

Jan, Faculty

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