Life Less Warranted

Angelina Tuttle

Reflections are termed as a mirror image.
At a first quick glimpse, he believed what his eyes showed.
Thinking only, that was the perfect image of a true effect.
Only after the image of the reflection had been examined,
His mind began to strengthen the observations
of the mirrored effect.
Turning shapes into forms, sharpening colors from the musky
shades as they appeared.
Brushing off what the mirror presented and the stories it urged
to share.

It has chosen him of all things to share its story,
only because he took the time to experience
the full potential of its mass beauty.
Be the image of the reflection large or small,
size that which has never crossed its path.

As it changes from its once pure vision
that which found him, back into the dull, lifeless reflection
it calls to him one last time.
Asking for forgiveness, only because it cannot always be
the vision he made it to be.

As he turned to walk away, his eye caught a glimpse.
Nodding his head, the reflection knew that it would soon
look that way once again.

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